Sunday, April 10, 2011

lazy sunday link love

i've been busy with my script & traveling, so i haven't made time to blog lately, but this was a perfectly gorgeous sunday morning for digging around online. i had my green tea & little eee machine & a delicious chunk of quiet time. here are treasures in case you find yourself with a lazy sunday morning. savor!

advanced style
sublime style inspiration. reminds me of when richard pryor said, "you don't get to be old (and stylish--xo) bein' no fool."

i found that website here: nowness

spoonful zine
a little dollop of happiness, which can be delivered right to your door.

artist marketplace
if you're feeling creative & tired of using just coffeeshop napkins to doodle, contact moleskine to be one of their cover artists.

chinese movie blog
looks to be defunct since 2009, but good diggings thru here if you're like me: a chinese movie fan who misses a lot of chinese movies.

ps i made this
some entries are a little...odd, but this chunky pearl necklace just seemed so why-didn't-i-think-of-this?!!

the selby
celebrating stylish surroundings the same way the sartorialist celebrates stylish clothes. and i love the watercolor logo.

well, that's a wrap. i wish you quiet sunday chunks of exploring all to yourself. xo

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