Tuesday, April 19, 2011

vanity project

people always ask me, "toe, how do you stay so gosh darn glamorous?!"

no, they actually don't, but my recent hobby is a guilty pleasure...i'm sort of obsessed with nail polish & makeup blogs. i don't know any of these people personally yet they are such a big chunk of my free time...when i should be doing laundry or cooking or something. logging onto girly girl sites to check out makeup is the new calling up your bff to gossip. it's frivolous like that--won't change the world, yet so damn delicious.

chloe's nails
this woman is hardcore. i love her attention to detail and her dedication. if i don't get my nails right the first time, i take all my polish off & just forget about it. her nails are magnificent works of art, seemingly at all times!

makeup and beauty blog
this makeup diva always has beautiful pix and a great sense of humor. karen's blog is so bright it makes me happy. i think maybe her cat writes the majority of the articles, tho. =^. .^=

if you need to know who's makeup collection is coming out when, this is where you go. temptalia's site is the comprehensive, pic-laden, review-filled site with all the info you need to keep you from making any frivolous, unnecessary purchases when you log onto sephora.com

makeup alley
reviews by your peers. i find this site invaluable when i'm waffling whether to buy some heretofore untried drugstore cosmetics. it has saved me from wasting my money on foundations that will only make my pores look larger. shew!

scrangie's blog
more nail porn. swooooonnn....


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