Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chloe Wofford's birthday was yesterday.

A good interview with Toni Morrison.

She talks a bit about white centrality and that to me brings awareness. And having the power to name things., including yourself. And having the power to choose for yourself vs. the false power of choosing for someone else.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pencil shavings

CW Pencils

I'm a dabbler in a lot of things. Painting, poetry, cleaning, essential oils, cooking, tea, make up, nail art, planners, journaling...everything.

Today's dabble is pencils. I love going to estate sales and finding vintage pencils. I use them, I compare them, I sharpen them, and have them all over the house.

I have used expensive pencils, dollar store pencils, pencils from the '50s, pencils from other countries. I've culled my indiscriminate collection down considerably and kept only the pencils that write dark enough for me. I don't care how much they're going for online, or how rare they are, or if they're entirely intact with a good eraser.  I love a rich black juicy line without having to press very hard. That is my only criteria, really and if they don't meet that, if it's a pencil I'm just not going to use, I pitch it gleefully off into the donate bag.

And I always always come back to my reliable ol' Ticonderoga iridescent silver, black wood pencils with the black eraser. To me, they write nice and dark and smooth. They erase like a dream. I find that I don't care for the regular ones as much. It has to be the silver ones, I can feel a difference. The feel in the hand is obviously different because of the paint. The lead feels pretty much the same, but the eraser is not as satisfying.

If I don't care about using an eraser, then any drawing pencil that is a 4B will do. I've tried an 8B, and I liked the novelty of them for a minute, they amused me for the audacity, but I'll leave the drawing and shading to the artists. I'm just writing a to-do list.

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